Register PocketSat3 for Android OS (Upgrade)

People who have previously registered a PocketSat product (PocketSat or PocketSat+ for PalmOS or PocketPC, or PocketSat3 for iOS or Android) are eligible to purchase a PocketSat3 registration code for US$12.50 (half price.)

In order to do this, however, you will need to send me an email message (to and request an access code. When you receive the code enter it and your device ID into the fields below and you will be able to register.

The "Device ID" for your device can be found by running PocketSat3 and going to the "Registration" page either by answering "yes" to the prompt, or by selecting Prefs->Global->Register.

Please make sure PocketSat3 runs properly on your device in trial mode before you register it.

Upgrade code:
Device ID:
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